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Best Fish Feeder Review

Sometimes we miss a fish feeding simply because we forget, which is why you should consider purchasing a fish feeder. Today we are going to be reviewing three of the best fish feeders on the market to see if one will be the best for you.

Oxsubor Automatic Best Fish Feeder

The first best fish feeder that we are going to be reviewing today is the Oxsubor Automatic Fish Food Feeder. A common theme that you will see across our three best fish feeder products is that they all come from extremely reliable brands.

This is the first thing we always look for when searching for a new product for our aquariums. We know that the health and safety of your fish is incredibly important, and we would never want to risk that with products that we feel have not been made up to your satisfaction. Oxsubor is a brand that we admire, and they are known for their dedication to quality products.

The Oxsubor Automatic Fish Food Feeder is black in color, so it definitely pairs well with any tank that you may have. It is concise and compact, measuring 10 cm x 8 cm x 6 cm, so it is perfect if you want to save space in your tank. The actually feeding chamber itself measures 5 cm in diameter and has a thickness of approximately 3 cm.

To provide power to the Oxsubor Automatic Fish Food Feeder, it runs on 2 AA batteries that do not come with your initial purchase.

One thing that drew us to this feeder in the first place was the fantastic price. If you are looking to save some money, this one might be the best one for you. The feeder is suitable to feed both pellets or flakes to your fish, depending on your preference.

Whether you have an aquarium with a top frame or without one, the Oxsubor Automatic Fish Food Feeder can still be installed and used. There is digital timer right on this fish feeder that you can set to feed your fish at an appropriate time during the day. There is a unique design on this product that will prevent any clumping of the fish food.


  • Compact and concise
  • Great timer setting


  • Batteries not included

JBL Automatic Food Feeder for Aquarium

The next product up for review is the JBL Automatic Food Feeder for Aquarium. As we mentioned before, brands are very important, and JBL really has set the mark for high-quality products that are still affordably priced. While this product may be at a higher price point than the other two on the list, it still has a lot to offer. So, let’s dive in and see what features it has for us to explore.


The JBL Automatic Food Feeder for Aquarium has a very attractive white design that is also fully transparent. It is going to complement the look of your aquarium without hindering the aesthetic that you may be going for.

You can fill the contents of this feeder with 125 ml of food, or if you are using a screw-on 250-ml food container, you can actually fit up to 375 ml of food. The feeder can also work with food that is up to around 3mm.

This feeder runs off of batteries, and what makes this product unique is that it comes with 3 AA batteries to run it (they have to be at 1.5 V for it to work).

There is an air connection device right on the JBL Automatic Food Feeder for Aquarium to ensure that the food stays dry for a long time.

There is an easy input setting where you can enable 4 feeds per day without having to worry about it after it’s set. If anything goes wrong,there is also a 3-year guarantee on the product.

To program the product it is very easy, as you select between 1 to 4 feeds a day, depending on the size and habits of your fish.


  • Great size
  • Easy to use
  • Great settings to choose feeding time


  • A bit more expensive than the others

NICREW Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder

The final fish feeder product up for review today is the NICREW Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder. This is another brand to keep a look out for, as NICREW knows that you want products that are inexpensive without sacrificing their overall quality. They are known for their durably built machines and fantastic designs.

The NICREW Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder comes in the color green or you can get it in yellow, depending on your preference. We really enjoyed the pop of color, as many feeders have a bland white or black look that can be an eyesore within a tank.

To use the NICREW Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder, it runs on two AAA batteries, and for your first usage the set comes with two. The batteries usually last for up to 4 months, so there is plenty of time before they will need to be replaced. There is an adjustable slider feature, that allows you to choose the amount of food you want to feed during the day.

This feeder is very basic and easy to use, so you can either use it manually or automatically depending on how you feed your fish. You can choose between 1 feeding per day or two feedings per day, and you can set it with time (every 24 hours or every 12 hours).

This allows your fish to get accustomed to an everyday schedule. This can dispense all kinds of food, and can be used for other animals such as frogs, turtles, or even newts.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with batteries


  • Not as many feeding times as other products

Final verdict

We greatly enjoyed using all three of the fish feeders above and believe they are going to provide your fish with the food they need according to the schedule you set. We recommend you purchasing the one that is the best for you.


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