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What Are The Best LED Fish Tank Lights On The UK Market?

Having an aquarium in your home means much more than just purchasing and throwing pretty fish into the water. Instead, it is essential to create a favourable environment that can duplicate their natural conditions to boost their growth.

Among essential elements, lighting is undoubtedly one of the most important factors since it may determine the daily routine and living conditions of your fish. Beyond functional purposes, a lighting system might serve decorative roles since it can add a touch of beauty to your fish tank. That’s why it is necessary to choose the right LED light system which can meet their needs and lifestyles.

The Best LED Fish Tank Lights

After a lot of research, we’ve created this buying guide with three most popular options on the market. Let’s take a look and make your decision.

1. Fluval 2nd Full-Spectrum 46W Freshwater LED Light

The second generation of LED light by Fluval comes with many upgrades to enhance the performance and bring greater operation than its previous model. It features a newly illuminated touch-switch that can be easily adjusted to change the settings and modes. The dimming feature allows you to select the right level for your fish.

With a balanced blend of various LEDs, this system can create full-spectrum coverage with 5 unique band waves. This allows for precise viewing, optimum plant growth, and enhanced photosynthetic activities. The package includes many mounting brackets which are extendable and versatile. Thus, you can install it easily on different fish tank widths by suspending, putting on the aquarium frame, or placing on the cabinet.

The whole unit is totally waterproof and sealed to ensure durability for many years. This light features an ultra-slim design which can easily fit any space in your home without taking too much space. There are up to 252 LEDs with the power of 46W to allow for optimum lighting in your aquarium.

Keep in mind that this LED light is specially designed for freshwater fish tanks only. Thus, avoid installing it if you have a saltwater aquarium to prevent adverse effects on your fish and corals.


  • A balanced combination of various LEDs
  • Optimise plant growth and photosynthetic activities
  • Optimum lighting with 252 LEDs
  • Included extendable and versatile mounting brackets
  • Waterproof and sealed construction for enhanced durability


  • It can only be used for freshwater fish tanks

2. Viparspectra 165W Dimmable Aquarium LED Light

If you are looking for a multi-functional LED light for your precious fish, then look no further with this model from Viparspectra. This unit features a variety of advanced functions to create the best underwater conditions.

With full-spectrum lighting, this device can mimic and produce lights which are almost the same from the sun to ensure a great balance for your fish and corals. There is a built-in timer with 2 on and off settings so that you can easily switch between white and blue colour. The level of brightness can also be adjusted from 0 to 100% to meet the needs of your fish.

To ensure efficient heat dissipation, this light system comes with advanced high-speed fans that can operate quietly. In addition, the upgraded heat sinks are helpful in keeping it cool when running. The package includes a remote so that you can control everything easily. Also, there are adjustable hanging kits to allow for easy and quick installation. With the maximum power of 110W, it is ideal for most photosynthetic corals and types of fish in your household.

Keep in mind that you can’t use this light outdoors because it isn’t water-proof. Also, avoid looking directly when it is on because the bulbs are extremely bright.


  • Turn on and off separately and automatically
  • Easy to adjust the level of brightness
  • Include a remote for easy control
  • Provided hanging kits for quick installation
  • Efficient heat dissipation with advanced high-speed fans


  • This light is not water-proof and only ideal for indoor use

3. Mars Hydro 165W Dimmable Full-Spectrum Aquarium LED Light

The Mars Hydro LED light features full spectrum lighting that can replace sunlight and meet the requirements of most reefs and fish tanks. It features 2 dimmers and 2 switches that allow you to change spectrum and adjust luminosity easily when you want. Thanks to the truly transparent lens with higher transmittance than ordinary units, the system can converge lighting beams and enable light to go up to 1 meter of depth in the tank without energy loss. This means you fish will get sufficient lights at any areas of the aquarium.

This lighting system is designed with copper, a metal known for its thermal conductivity. In addition, the inclusion of an advanced venting system that blows air instead of suction helps it stay cool when operating constantly all day long. With the power of 165W, it is ideal for a 20 to 50-gallon fish tank. But if you have a bigger aquarium, it is simple to combine as many sets as possible.

The package includes the LED light, hanging kits, two power cords, and a manual instruction to show you how to set up. With up to three years of guarantee supported by the company’s service centre in the UK, you won’t have to worry about any problem. The only drawback of this lighting system is that it might take time to install this system in your fish tank, especially if you are beginners.


  • Easy to adjust spectrum and luminosity
  • Constructed from copper – a good thermal conductivity
  • Advanced venting system to stay cool
  • Transparent lens to converge lighting beams
  • Combine multiple sets to cover a large aquarium


  • The installation is quite time-consuming

The bottom line

When choosing LED lights for your fish tank, keep in mind that the most important thing is that it must be able to duplicate natural light to ensure your fish can grow and thrive. Due to recent advances in technology, there is a variety of options that can meet these requirements perfectly. However, you should be still careful and consider the spectrum and intensity of light.

If you are beginners and don’t know where to start your search, then this guide can be a great start. We have done the hard work for you by finding and testing to provide you with the top three best products on the market these days. All you need to do now is to think about your needs and preferences, then compare with the list of features mentioned above to make an informed decision.


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