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Best Fish Tank Background Review

To ensure that your fish tank has a great look and is great to have on display you should consider purchasing a fish tank background. Backgrounds are available in all shapes and sizes with multiple designs. Today we are reviewing three fish tank backgrounds that we believe are the best ones on the market to offer you a great look.

Rock Aquarium: The Best Fish Tank Background

The first best fish tank background up for review today is the Rock Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic Background. If you have been looking for decorations for your fish tank, chances are you have been overwhelmed by the sheer number on the market right now.

Decorating your tank is no joke, and there are a lot of brands that are trying to capitalize on this industry. With so many being offered, how are you supposed to know which one to purchase? That is where we come in! It is our goal to help you find the fish tank background that is not only just affordable, but most of all has a great look!

The Rock Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic Background comes in one of three sizes, depending on the size of your fish tank; you can either get it in 60 centimeters, 120 centimeters, or 200 centimeters (that is all in length). We recommend measuring the size of your tank before you consider which one to buy.

The Rock Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic Background has been made out of a high-quality plastic that is not going to rip or deteriorate over time. No matter what  length you decide to purchase, all of the Rock Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic Background are 60 cm in height.

If it arrives and is a bit too long or high, the plastic background can easily be cut down in size, to allow for a perfect fit to your own tank.

You will receive the Rock Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic Background in a cardboard tube that is rolled up. This avoids any creases so it is delivered in top-notch condition. The background is a typical underwaterrock formation.


  • Fantastic lengths to choose from
  • Affordable price
  • Comes in a tube, ensuring great look


  • Cutting it is a bit annoying

Exo Terra Terrarium Foam Background

The second fish tank background up for review is the Exo Terra Terrarium Foam Background. Exo Terra is another brand that we trust to deliver, even look into them for yourself and you will be surprised by the great reviews.

The Exo Terra Terrarium Foam Background drew our attention because of its fantastic price. There are various price points depending on the size of the background that you get.

The sizes are as follows: 12”x 12”, 30 cmx 45 cm, 45 cm x 45 cm, 45 cm x 60 cm, 60 cmx 45 cm, 60 cm x 60 cm, 90cm x 45 cm, and 90 cm x 60 cm The larger in size, the more expensive it is. Today we are specifically looking at the 60 cm x 45 cm, one of the more popular sizes.

The background is made up of a natural rock design and look. This is a neutral design, built to enhance any type of tank that you own. You can use it for both tropical tanks or desert tanks so it works great for both fish and lizards. This allows you to use it for more than one animal.

The Exo Terra Terrarium Foam Background has been made out of a black non-toxic polystyrene material. It also allows you to insulate the tank that you own, creating an added dimension to the look and feel of your tank. If it arrives and is too long or short for you, you can easily cut it down.


  • Affordable price
  • Great look
  • For both tropical and desert
  • Very natural look
  • High quality material


  • Cutting it down to size can be difficult

Hidom Aquarium Background

The final fish tank background up for review is the Hidom Aquarium Background. One of our favourite brands of all things fish is Hidom because they create affordable products that work well with one another to provide you with an extra special fish experience.

You cannot go wrong with this brand, and if you purchase this specific product we also recommend that you get a Hidom Aquarium with it as well.

The Hidom Aquarium Background comes in many sizes including: 2’, 3’, 4’, all the way up to 10’. We opted to go in the middle and look at the 4’ model (although the features are the same for all of them). This is made out of a high-quality vinyl material that is very glossy.

This sets it apart from the other backgrounds on this list. No matter the length you get, the height will always be 59 cm (which is around 2 feet), so make sure that this will fit your tank.

What we loved most about the Hidom Aquarium Background is that it is made with such detail in the drawing. It is a natural underwater rock and plants background that really adds a lot to the look and design of your tank. To protect the Hidom Aquarium Background during any delivery, it is delivered in a postal tube to prevent any creasing or unwanted folding.


  • Great price
  • A lot of sizes to choose from
  • Strong detail in background


  • Ensure you get the right size or it is hard to cut down

Final verdict

You may be asking yourself, why do I even need a fish tank background? And while that is a valuable question, the answer is simple: to enhance the look of you tank. Owning fish is all about look and how it is going to look to your guests. A background is going to do just that and also provides your fish with a more comfortable home.

The three of the products listed above are definitely the best fish tank backgrounds on the market right now, and it will come down to personal taste as to which you prefer.


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